SCS Mentoring Program

Goal of the Program
The goal of the program is to support the personal and professional development of students and postdocs by providing guidance, advice, and feedback from senior professionals. The focus of the SCS Mentoring Program is on career development.

The current class runs from September 1, 2023, to July 31, 2024.
Application for the class 2024-25 will open in spring 2024.

Four regional clusters, each consisting of a managing team, mentors and mentees, will be established. Each cluster will define the activities, one per semester, at its “kick off meeting”. At the end of the year, the cluster will meet for a closing event.
Rooted in 4 Regions
The program is structured in four regional clusters:
  • Leman Region: UniGE, EPFL Lausanne, EPFL Sion, HES-SO Sion.
  • Bern Region: UniFR, UniNE, UniBE, HEIA-FR, HE-Arc, EPFL Neuchâtel
  • Zürich Region: UZH, ETHZ, ZHAW, PSI, Eawag, EMPA
  • Basel Region: UniBas, FHNW, PSI
There is a maximum of 15 mentees in a cluster, and the ratio of mentors to mentees will not be less than 1:3.

Requirements to Apply as a Mentee
  • Valid membership with the SCS.
  • MSc or PhD student or Postdoc.
  • Commitment to actively participate
The application to join a respective cluster for one year has to be submitted via the online form and must include:
  • a CV
  • a motivation letter by the mentee
  • a supporting statement by the supervisor might complete the dossier, but is not mandatory
The mentors are senior professionals from industry, academia and governmental agencies in various functions such as R&D, IP, HR and marketing/sales.
To apply as a mentor please contact the director of the SCS Foundation.


The management team is free to organize any activity that support the program’s goals, e.g.:
  • Round tables
  • Lectures
  • Company and lab visits
  • Dinners

Managing Team Zurich

Marie Perrin, ETH Zurich
Tim Dörenkamp, PSI Villigen

Managing Team Basel

Anton Kudashev, University of Basel
Titus Wuermeling, FHNW Muttenz

Managing Team BeNeFri

Sophia Belrhomari, University of Bern
Gaetano Geraci, University of Bern
Marie-Désirée Scheidt, University of Neuchâtel

Managing Team Leman

Ojaswita Pant, University of Geneva
Miguel Lopez Tena, University of Geneva

Events Zurich

28.09.23: Kickoff, ETHZ
30.11.23: Teambilding in an escape room followd by a panel discussion, ZH
29.02.23: Career planning event, PSI

Events BeNeFri

13.10.23: Kickoff, Fribourg
27.01.24: Event I
12.04.24: Event II
29.05.24: Closing event