Alfred Werner Scholarship Program

Master of Science Studies of Chemistry in Switzerland

The program supports highly talented international students who earned their BSc degree at a university outside Switzerland to perform their Master of Science (MSc) studies in Chemistry, Biochemistry or the Pharmaceutical Sciences at a Swiss University or at one of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.
The stipends amount to CHF 30'000 per student per MSc study. The program is supported by the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as by a number of private donors.
The SCS Foundation actively supports the integration of the Alfred Werner Scholars, offering mentorships, visits at the program-supporting industrial partners ("Meet and Greet" Program; see pages for each Class) and free access to the events of the Swiss Chemical Society.

Between 2013 and 2023, 80 students from over 30 countries were granted an Alfred Werner Scholarship. Many of them continued their career in Switzerland, others went abroad again to experience more of this world. Some of the most senior scholars now work for Swiss companies (see Alfred Werner Scholar Gallery).


The scholarships are granted to nominees presented by the institutions that admitted the students to their MSc Programs; The SCS Foundation does not accept applications from individuals. The nominations are reviewed by the Alfred Werner Fund Allocation Committee. The members of the Committee are appointed by the participating companies and academic institutions.

Next Call for Nominations
Master's Student Scholarships 2024-2026: Call open until March 25, 2024

Evaluation Committee Members

  • Prof. Jeffrey W. Bode, ETH Zurich
  • Dr. Elodie Brun, dsm-firmenich, Genève
  • Prof. Peter Chen, ETH Zurich
  • Prof. Karl Gademann, University of Zurich
  • Dr. Markus Gautschi, Givaudan Suisse SA, Dübendorf
  • Dr. Alan Robinson, Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Stein (AG)
  • Dr. Stefan Hildbrand, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel
  • Dr. Nora Eifler and Dr. Michaël Parmentier, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel
  • Prof. Stefan Matile, University of Geneva
  • Prof. Philippe Renaud, University of Bern
  • Prof. Christof Sparr, University of Basel
  • Prof. Bruno Therrien, University of Neuchâtel
  • Prof. Jiri Vanicek, EPFL Lausanne
  • Dr. Daniel Weibel, Merck/Sigma-Aldrich, Buchs
Download the Werner Scholarship Impact Report 2021

Facts & Figures

Between 2013 and 2021, 61 students from over 30 different countries were granted an Alfred Werner Scholarship.

The Table shows the countries of origin of the Alfred Werner Scholars, the countries where they earned their BSc degree, the share of female scholars, and the Swiss universities they enrolled in for their MSc studies.